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Why do companies use promotional products?

Why do companies use promotional products? The three main reasons or uses for promotional products are:

  • Internal use like new employees hires, employees awards and employer retention. Companies will usually give  a new employee an embroidered apparel item, branded water bottle or branded flash drive to new employees when they are hired. They also use promotional products for brand awareness and brand moral within a companies as well. Giving employees a higher end promotional products as a holiday gift for example is a great way to boost employee morale through your brand. It also helps with employee retention.
  • External use to existing customers to keep those customers happy and aware of your brand. There isn’t a better way to make sure the clients you do have stay your clients than giving them a valuable and usable promotional item with your logo on it. If its something useful that your client actually needs and wants, they will use and your brand will stay in front of them every time they do.
  • As a way to market your brand and services to obtain new business. Of course a great way to obtain new business as  trade show or event is to pass out a promotional products with your logo, website, phone number and email address. If its something the potential client likes and will use, they will keep the promotional product and use it when needed. A great idea for this are umbrellas, fidget spinners, phone chargers and bottle openers.