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7 Creative Promotional Products
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7 Creative Promotional Products

7 Creative Promotional Products

When it comes to creating promotional products, we believe that the sky is truly the limit. While we do offer beloved branded stables — such as pens, keychains, and t-shirts — we also go beyond your average promotional marketing company by embracing the latest technology and trends to create customized  items that you won’t find anywhere else. In this blog post, we explore 7 of our most creative (and popular!) promotional products you may want to consider offering your clients and employees. 


There’s never been a more pertinent time than the present to focus on relaxation and self-care. When you gift your clients a spa kit featuring your company’s logo, you remind them of your brand’s commitment to their well-being. We carry a variety of different spa kits, each with their own collection of self-care essentials, such as facial massagers, pumice stones, bath bombs, loofahs, and more.

Coolers and lunch boxes make great promotional products because they’re something that people use everyday. Whether your client is headed to the office and needs a place to store their lunch or on their way to the big game and wants to stow some brewsters, they’ll love the convenience and style of a branded cooler bag from your company. From trendy bento boxes to classic totes, our insulated coolers and lunch boxes are sure to impress.

Wine tumblers have become one of the latest trends in drinkware in recent years, and for good reason; these convenient, stemless goblets allow you to keep your drinks colder for longer, and even enjoy them on-the-go. They also don’t need to be used for just wine — for instance, they make great impromptu ice cream bowls. We carry a wide variety of wine tumblers at various prices and made from various materials. 

There’s nothing worse than your phone or other device running out of battery when you’re out of the house. Fortunately, the latest wireless charging technology is here to save the day! Every time your client or employee places their phone on your branded charger, they'll be grateful for your foresightedness and impressed with your embrace of the latest technology. Stock them in your company store and you may find employees ordering multiple chargers, for their desk, home, and elsewhere. Today, we not only standard wireless chargers but also chargers with UV phone sanitizing technology that kills 99.99% of surface bacteria. Now that’s having your clients’ and employees’ backs!

Sanitizer spray pens offer yet another twist on an everyday essential. These stashable hand sanitizers offer the ultimate in convenience and cleanliness, and take the panic out of shaking strangers’ hands — one reason why they make the perfect giveaway for conferences and events! Not only are sanitizer spray pens fab and functional, but they’re also totally customizable, down to the design, color, and even scents! You can also choose from a variety of different cap styles, including carabiner clips, keychains, and more. 

If you’re looking to promote your brand with branded desktop games, then why just opt for one game? Our multi-game sets allow you to provide your clients and employees with everything they need for an afternoon of fun! Each multi-game set includes all the essentials for a variety of different games, such as checkers, chess, dominoes, cribbage, cards, and more. Stash a branded multi-game set in your break room and watch employee morale soar!

No household today is complete without a wireless speaker. Wireless speakers allow you to enjoy your favorite music both at-home and on-the-go, thanks to bluetooth technology. On top of providing high-quality audio, many bluetooth speakers today also function as wireless chargers with built-in phone stands, making them the perfect desk accessory and a chic way to spotlight your brand. We offer a range of different wireless speaker options, including waterproof models that are great for pool parties, compact speakers equipped with carrying straps and spring-loaded clips for backpacks or bikes, devices featuring LED light shows, and so much more!

Elevate Your Brand With eLead Promo 

When it comes to the latest game changers in the promotional products industry, this list is only the beginning. For even more branded technology, apparel, drinkware, bags, and other items, browse the eLead shop now. We go beyond just incorporating your brand’s logo and name to incorporate your company’s colors, mascots, and any other identifying characteristics. We look forward to helping you elevate your brand!